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Premier Aquatic Staffing offers a wide range of opportunities for your organization to announce, search for, and hire the ideal candidate for your organization. Finding the “right fit” is so much more than experience and references. We want to be sure that the candidates for your position understand the people you work with, the community they will be a part of, and the colleagues they will be working with. Far too often, candidate searches focus on what is in a person’s resume. We aim to match the right person with the community that is your organization.

We offer a full suite of packages to accommodate different levels of action and different budgets. Our most basic package gives you the opportunity to post your open position with us and have it sent directly to the candidates in our database. From there you will take care of the rest of the hiring process.

We can also take on the entire hiring process for your organization, working with you step-by-step to find the best possible candidates to vet, interview, and eventually hire. We will conduct background checks, reference checks, assist in all aspects of the interviewing process, and make recommendations for hiring. Ultimately, the final decision rests with you, but we will be with you throughout the entire process to make sure it is as easy for you as possible and you hire the best person for the open position.

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For Job Seekers

We understand and respect the fact that confidentiality is of the utmost importance for anyone interested in moving on to a new position in any industry. Our assurance is that all aspects of your job search through Premier Aquatic Staffing will stay 100%
confidential until you are ready to go public with your intentions (note that this may come earlier than you had hoped when we get into the background and reference check portion of a job search).

In an industry where we are training athletes to strive to be first, it is also very important to get in on a potential job early so that you are the standard all other candidates are measured against. When you join the Premier Aquatic Staffing resume database, you will receive notification of all job searches we are assisting with or conducting before they go public, giving you the inside track on those positions ahead of the general public.

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