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Doug Fonder

Doug Fonder has spent over 50 years in the Aquatic arena. As President/CEO of the International Swim Coaches Association since its inception in 2011, ISCA supports the further development of Age Group Club Coaches throughout the US and abroad.

From his beginning as a swim coach in 1970 throughout his career ending at the end of 2021, he placed swimmers at every Olympic Trials from 1972 to 2021, 13 consecutive quads. He has developed National Champions, worked with multiple Olympic athletes and medal winners. He was Virginia Coach of the Year multiple times, YMCA National Coach of the Year twice, along with many other Regional and National awards.

By heading up ISCA, he has the ability to reach over 50,000 coach contacts throughout the US and abroad, which will go a long way with helping clubs find the right coach for their needs. By having a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago, in Community Organization along with almost 50 years in working in the non-profit sector, we will have the ability to really help guide teams and organizations in their staffing areas.

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Matt Sprang

Matt Sprang brings a wealth of experience to the forefront of the aquatic sports staffing industry. His background is diverse and deeply rooted in aquatic sports, ranging from coaching, owning and operating one of the largest clubs in the Middle Atlantic LSC, to facility management, to serving on both local and national swim committees. This broad experience has equipped him with a keen understanding of the nuances and needs of the aquatic sports world.

With a Master’s degree in Sports and Recreation Administration from Temple University, Matt's academic credentials complement his extensive field experience. This blend of knowledge allows him to lead Premier Aquatic Staffing with a balance of scholarly insight and hands-on expertise. The company’s success in connecting organizations with skilled professionals underscores Matt's strategic vision and his understanding of the industry's dynamics.

Beyond his role at Premier Aquatic Staffing, Matt is recognized for his work as a speaker and workshop facilitator. His sessions on strategic planning, budgeting, conscious leadership, community development, and organizational alignment are not only informative but also inspire action. Matt's ability to engage with his audience and impart valuable insights reflects his commitment to not just leading but also educating and empowering others in the aquatic community.

Matt leadership with Premier Aquatic Staffing and his ongoing involvement in the
broader aquatic sports community showcase his dedication and passion for the field. His pragmatic approach to leadership and development serve to drive the company
and the industry forward, ensuring a thriving future for aquatic sports professionals and organizations alike.

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Mathew Sprang


Premier Aquatic Staffing FAQ


What type of clients do you typically work with?

Working in the niche of aquatic staffing only allows us to work with a wide range of clients. Premier Aquatic Staffing can help your organization locate top talent for a wide range of open positions: swimming coaches, diving coaches, water polo coaches, aquatic facility staff, and lesson instructors are a few of the positions we are able to advertise, identify potential employees, and place.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of staffing services to the aquatic industry with the intention of finding and matching the best candidates with your open position. Swimming coaches, diving coaches, water polo coaches, swim instructors, Aquatic Directors, or any full-time positions your organization needs to fill. The service can be basic with your open position posted on our job board and can expand from there to include

How long will it take to fill an open position?

This answer will depend on a number of factors that we will zero in on during our initial discovery call. We want to find the best fit for your organization and we start by getting to know who you are, what you value, and what you are looking for in your next hire. Then we get to work finding a pool of ideal candidates to vet and interview for the position. The entire process can happen quickly (in a matter of a few weeks) or take more time, all depending on the depth of the search.

Why should I work with a staffing agency?

Our company maintains a tremendous network of contacts throughout the aquatic industry that we can quickly and easily tap into to get your hiring process on the fast track. We also maintain a confidential database of qualified candidates that we will attempt to match with open positions. By choosing to work with Premier Aquatic Staffing, you are guaranteed to spend less time with your candidate search. We know the industry and will find the best candidate for your position.

How much does the service cost?

There are a number of different packages we offer based on your organization’s needs, from postings on our job board to a robust search, we can handle it all for you confidentially and professionally.

How can aquatic professionals be considered for open positions that Premier Aquatic Staffing is currently conducting searches?

When you are a professional interested in hearing about or even moving to a new opportunity, we completely respect the fact that privacy is of the utmost importance. This is why all inquiries from job seekers are kept with the strictest confidence. We aim to maintain a database of top talent across all aquatic disciplines. If you are interested in being a part of this 100% confidential database, please CLICK HERE to complete the intake form.

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Candidate Search and Hiring

It does not matter if your organization is owned privately, publicly (municipal), institutionally (YMCA), Middle School, High School, or Collegiate, we are able to identify, vet, interview, and help you hire the right candidate.

We can assist you throughout the posting and hiring process or take over all aspects of it ourselves.

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Help Your Organization With Hiring

Drawing on over 80 years of combined experience as aquatic professionals, we can help set your organization up for success through our coaching program. As a boutique company, we have the ability to go deep with your leadership team to identify strengthsand pain points, and help you develop a strategic plan to meet your greatest vision for the future. Some areas we can focus on are:

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